High Tails

All about High Tails

here's what we can do to help with your dog and other pets

My name is Fiona and I look after the High Tails happy pack.  Whether it is giving your dog its daily walk or looking after your smaller pets when you are unable to, High Tails aims for a high quality service and safe, affectionate, fun filled care.  At High Tails we understand busy families still want to include a pet in their lives, however busy. We aim to be a part of your team and support you in the care of your family's most important member.

High Tails is Barnet based and takes advantage of the glorious walking spaces we are lucky enough to enjoy in the area.  Our dogs take in the woods, country parks and open fields in their daily adventures across Barnet, Hadley and Totteridge.

High Tails works with owners who have new puppies in the home.  If you are unable to be with your puppy full time while they are still in the growing stages, we manage the length of walks, get them socialised in a pack and can offer a wealth of training tips.  We can also do home visits for controlled exercise, feeding, cuddling and playing while making sure there are no messy surprises!

High Tails also offers a home visit service to ensure your pet and house is secure when you are away. We carry full key holder insurance.  We will feed and spend time with your animals to give them the security of regular human contact in your absence and while we are there make sure the house is safe, the post is managed and the fridge has milk in it for your return!

High Tails is insured as a pet taxi service - we are an official transport service for Barnet's Wood Street Veterinary Practice.  So if you are stuck without transport and need a ride to your vet with your animal, just call.

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